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    Qingdao Kangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating laboratory animal breeding, production, antibody immune outsourcing services, and animal experiment platform construction. Founded in 2008, the company carries the strategic mission of the group to enter the field of biotechnology, and is committed to providing high-quality laboratory animal products, antibody products and animal experiment related services for life science research.

    Kangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    The experimental animal production base of Kangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. occupies an area of 1,000 acres and is the largest experimental rabbit breeding, breeding and supply base in China. Possess a feed quality assurance system: exclude or limit all factors that may have an impact on research and experimental intervention factors to ensure the stability of feed and the stability of animal functions. Animal transportation meets the requirements of safety and microbial control levels. Special vehicles are equipped with special personnel responsible for regular disinfection and cleaning. The vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning equipment. The transportation cages are used after disinfection and sterilization. In order to better serve customers and provide customers with comprehensive experimental solutions, the company has built an immunization service platform on the experimental rabbit production platform to provide domestic and foreign scientific research institutions with rabbit polyclonal and goat polyclonal immunization services.

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